Fran Picazo / Curator & Project Manager

Contemporary Art Curator /


As an Art Curator, my career is defined by conceiving immersive exhibitions of lasting impact. With an innate ability to merge art, design, architecture, feelings and experience. I’ve crafted installations that captivate audiences, transforming spaces into captivating worlds and experiences. My innovative approach and ability to evoke emotions have propelled my exhibitions to achieve recognition and resonance. 

Project Manager /


As a Project Manager, with experience across Europe, The United States, and Asia, I specialize in overseeing large-scale projects for renowned brands: I find New Expressions of Art, Design, and public artistic creation a powerful meta narrative. My work leaves a significant impact on shaping cultural disticts, brands and new environments digital and analog , contributing to the vibrant tapestry of global art and urban development.

RHouse, Wynwood Miami 2024

Miralda, Honey Moon: Unclassified  2023

Alicante Lifeguards 2023

Related Group, Wynwood Miami  2023

Report for Ministry of Tourism 2023

JR, Chronicles of Miami 2023

Calle 8, Little Havana Miami 2023

European Parlament, Strasbourg 2022

Amazon BCN, Barcelona 2022