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Leading with Vision: the Artist Antonyo Marest and the Project Manager Fran Picazo’s Role in Elevating Alicante’s Beaches at FITUR 2024


The vibrant project in Alicante shines at FITUR 2024, showcasing the remarkable collaboration between artist Antonyo Marest and Alicante City & Beach.


This year focuses on Marest’s lifeguard stations, which not only enhance San Juan Beach but also symbolize artistic excellence and community unity.


Under project manager Fran Picazo’s adept leadership, operations have seamlessly progressed from concept to presentation at FITUR 2024. Picazo’s guidance ensures meticulous planning, transforming lifeguard stations into cultural landmarks.


Strategically situated along San Juan Beach, Marest’s stations have become a celebrated attraction, blending functionality with artistic expression, and captivating locals and tourists alike.


The collaboration between Fran Picazo, Antonyo Marest, and Alicante City & Beach, initiated last year, marks a significant step in enhancing Alicante’s beaches. The positive reception from the public and tourism professionals underscores its success.


Under the theme «Alicante, feel its light,» efforts at FITUR 2024 spotlight the lifeguard stations, emphasizing their cultural importance. From iconic imagery at the FITUR stand to mobile gallery buses, and screens in Madrid’s La Gran Vía, visitors experience a fusion of creativity, culture, and tourism.


Marest’s lifeguard stations not only transform rescue structures but also forge a profound connection with Alicante’s identity.


The collaboration with Alicante City & Beach remains a testament to the city’s commitment to innovation and cultural enrichment.

– 2024