About This Project

As the leader of the team responsible for design and curation in this exciting collaboration between Formica Group and the Aladina Foundation, I am delighted to announce our initiative to beautify the Valencia Clinical Hospital with the stunning artworks of Antonyo Marest.


This collaboration represents a significant step in our commitment to human sensitivity and patient well-being. The artistic intervention, led by the talented multidisciplinary artist Antonyo Marest, has transformed the rooms of the Pediatric Oncology area into harmonious spaces specifically designed to promote the comfort and spirits of patients and their families.


The psychology of shapes and color becomes essential elements in Marest’s works, generating environments of positive emotional impact that act as a window to a Mediterranean-inspired landscape. Working closely with Antonyo Marest and his talented team, including Iván Moreno de Sagan, we have explored how shapes and colors can influence the perceptual and sensory experiences of individuals, thus creating an environment that uplifts the spirit and provides comfort. Together, we are creating a more welcoming and stimulating hospital environment for pediatric patients and their families.

I am deeply proud to be part of this project and excited about the positive impact it will have on the community. We hope that this artistic intervention at the Valencia Clinical Hospital serves as an inspiring example of how art can transform and enrich our lives, even in the most challenging times.