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About This Project

Innovation and Sustainability: Advancing the ‘Marest’ Lifeguard Station Project in Alicante


A year ago, I had the honour of continuing the groundbreaking project I started with the installation of the first «Allegra» Lifeguard Station at San Juan Beach, Alicante. This station, named after the daughter of the artist Antonyo Marest and designed by him, marked the beginning of a fusion of talents, experience, and a unique vision that has significantly stood out. Commissioned by the Tourism Board, our goal was to create a visually appealing icon that integrated culture, art, and tourism, serving both as a tourist interest point and a powerful photographic attraction.


As the Project Manager, my role has been crucial from the start of the project. After a thorough study of the best examples of lifeguard stations around the world, together with Antonyo, we drew inspiration from William Lane’s designs in Miami. Our research uncovered key aspects of Miami’s Art Deco, revitalizing and adapting this movement into what we now call the «Mediterranean Art Revival.»


In my management, I have always prioritized a deep understanding of our client’s needs, clear objective analysis, and the design of proposals that deliver significant value to both the community and the tourist destination, and the represented brand. We have focused on optimizing material and visual aspects, committing to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, thus achieving an optimal balance between durability and ecological respect.


The next step in this project was the creation of the «Marest» model, also designed by Antonyo Marest. The impact of «Marest» in Alicante over the past year has been significant, highlighting its presence at the FITUR stand and establishing itself as a functional, artistic element and essential «Photo Point» on our beaches. This design reflects Marest’s style and art and effective project management and direction on my part.


I am extremely proud to have facilitated this cultural interaction, linking the destination with the origin of the Mediterranean style and introducing innovative elements that pave the way for new cultural and social scenarios. This project has demonstrated how art and project management can collaborate to enhance and beautify our public spaces.


Regarding the technical and conceptual innovations, we have integrated into our future proposals elements that are noted for their eco-sustainability and resilience. These innovations include the use of recyclable materials, construction techniques that minimize environmental impact, and designs that withstand adverse weather conditions while ensuring functionality and aesthetics. These characteristics are crucial for upcoming implementations, ensuring that each new project is not only visually appealing but also environmentally responsible and sustainable.

– 2023