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About This Project

Blending Art and Utility: Celebrating One Year of the ‘Marest’ Lifeguard Station in Alicante


Today marks exactly one year since I had the privilege of leading the assembly of the first Lifeguard Station at San Juan Beach in Alicante. This project, a collaboration with renowned artist Antonyo Marest, was commissioned by the Tourism Board to merge culture, art, and tourism into a visually attractive icon that serves both as a tourist interest point and a powerful photographic appeal.


My role as a Project Manager in this endeavour was crucial from the start. After travelling the world to study the best examples of lifeguard stations, Antonyo and I found inspiration in the iconic designs by William Lane in Miami. Our investigative approach with Marest unveiled essential aspects of Miami’s Art Deco, a movement we revived and modernized under the «Mediterranean Art Revival.»


Among my responsibilities, I have always prioritized deeply understanding the needs of our clients, analyzing objectives clearly, and designing proposals that provide significant value to the community, the tourist destination, and the institution or brand represented. This project was no exception. We focused on improving material and visual aspects, committing to sustainability, minimizing environmental impact, and achieving a perfect balance between durability and ecological respect.


The result was the «ALLEGRA» lifeguard station, a tribute to the artist who designed it. Over this past year, the impact of «Marest» in Alicante has been extraordinary. Its image has been featured at the FITUR Stand, establishing itself as a functional, artistic element and an essential «Photo Point» on our Mediterranean beaches. This design reflects the style and arts of Antonyo Marest and effective project management and direction on my part.


I am proud to have facilitated this conversation between the destination and the origin of the Mediterranean style and to have created disruptive elements that open us to new cultural and social scenarios. This project has been an opportunity to demonstrate how art and project management can work together to enrich and beautify our public spaces.

– 2023