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Navigating Art and Performance: Managing the Miralda ‘Honeymoon Project’ and the Sabateta Gondola  Performance


As the Project Manager overseeing the «La Sabateta de la Liberty & Honey Moon Project 2024» in collaboration with Antoni Miralda, I was tasked with ensuring seamless integration and operational coherence within Miralda’s team, alongside our partners at the Bombas Gens Contemporary Art Center. Our challenge was to effectively navigate the complex logistics of moving the «Gondola Shoe» sculpture—a monumental shoe-shaped sculpture designed to the scale of the Statue of Liberty’s foot—through the heart of Turia’s capital. This sculpture’s journey was not just a physical traversal but a profound narrative procession that linked historical context with contemporary cultural expressions, celebrating iconic city landmarks along its path.


My role extended into curating an interactive experience where art, performance, and spontaneity converge, drawing upon my expertise to foster a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Under my direction, we embraced a dynamic and humorous approach that heightened the sensory experience of the audience, closely aligning with Miralda’s artistic intentions to transform both the presence and the material aspects of the performance, thereby enhancing its temporal nature and community interaction.


To transcend the traditional boundaries of the environment, we initiated a direct engagement with the audience’s inner experiences through a meta-narrative enriched by an avant-garde culinary event. This event, curated in collaboration with Chef Ricard Camarena, featured dishes inspired by the origins and connections of Valencia, Venice, and the broader Mediterranean, weaving together a tapestry of flavours that mirrored the thematic essence of the project.


The «Honeymoon Project,» originally conceptualized by Antoni Miralda between 1986 and 1992, was an ambitious intercontinental celebration of the union between two emblematic monuments—the Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona and the Statue of Liberty in New York. This project, reinvigorated under my management in 2024, continued to explore and expand upon the dialogues between cultures across the Atlantic, emphasizing the dual themes of conquest and freedom. Through careful planning and innovative artistic direction, we ensured that this iteration not only honoured its prestigious legacy but also resonated with contemporary global narratives, fostering an environment of inclusive cultural exchange and artistic innovation.


I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Food Culture, Montse Guillem, and both the authorities and citizens of Valencia for their unwavering support and professionalism. Their collaboration was instrumental in elevating this project to a higher level. The close-knit cooperation and expertise provided by these partners not only enriched the project but also ensured its seamless execution and profound impact. The community’s enthusiasm and engagement were key to transcending traditional project boundaries, creating a truly immersive and enriching experience for all involved. Their dedication to fostering cultural engagement and supporting the arts is truly commendable, and it has been a privilege to work alongside such committed partners.


– 2023