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Faces of Miami: Unveiling the City’s Soul Through JR’s Chronicles Project

As a curator and project manager deeply ingrained in Miami’s cultural and artistic landscape, I am honored to have been selected to participate in JR‘s groundbreaking project, «The Chronicles of Miami, 2022.» This monumental endeavor saw JR visiting ten distinct neighborhoods within Miami, capturing the essence of the city through the faces of 1,048 residents and visitors. In my case, I was photographed at the Little Haiti Cultural Center.


In November 2022, JR embarked on a journey to encapsulate the social fabric of Miami, inviting passersby to have their portraits taken. These portraits were meticulously collaged together to form «The Chronicles of Miami,» a visually stunning mural that serves as a poignant reflection of the city’s rich tapestry of diversity and complexity.


Debuting in December 2023, this mural spans across two prominent locations: the Design District’s Jungle Plaza and the facade of Superblue Miami in Allapattah, totaling over 400 feet in length. It stands as JR’s fifth installment in his Chronicles series, a testament to his commitment to capturing the essence of entire communities through art.


JR’s Chronicles murals go beyond mere representation, offering a profound exploration of human stories and experiences. Through his unique process of combining portraits with recorded voices, JR brings to life the energy and soul of Miami, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the diverse narratives embedded within the artwork. My deep-rooted connections within Miami’s cultural sphere and my recognized presence within the artistic community around the world were invaluable assets in bringing a special contemporary vision to fruition. With each participant’s voice intricately linked to their portrait through the JR: murals augmented reality app. 


We are featured in its composition alongside the Art Deco building, in clear recognition of the artist Antonyo Marest, Francesco Gigliotti, and mine, a work exhibited at the Pierrotin gallery for Art Basel 2023, and the mural at Super Blue. Additionally, we take pride in being the narrator of the transformation of Wynwood in this audio interview project.

– 2023