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About This Project

Cultivating Heritage: Integrating Art and Ecology in Palmera’s Mural Project


I have had the privilege to oversee a particularly meaningful project in Palmera, a municipality in the Safor region known for its agricultural landscape dominated by the cultivation of century-old citrus species, iconic to the Valencian territory. This cultivation has historically been accompanied by various species of songbirds, which are now threatened by the pollutants of modern times.


In response to this environmental and cultural heritage, we initiated a project to create a mural in an old town square, aiming to highlight these native species and their ecological and cultural importance. The mural, spanning over 200 square meters, was expertly crafted by Lluïsa Penella i Pons, a rising and acclaimed Valencian artist known for her «human maps» and the scientific and artistic representation of the Valencian ecosystem. This project not only celebrates local biodiversity but also reinforces the community’s identity connected to traditional agricultural practices.


I would like to specifically acknowledge the exemplary work of the Todolí Citrus Foundation and the Palmera Town Council. Their research and dedication to preserving the local historical and anthropological legacy have been instrumental. Through this collaboration, we have been able to incorporate a deep sense of place and history into the mural, making it not just a piece of art but a testament to Palmera’s rich heritage and its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. This project exemplifies how art and conservation can intertwine to enhance community engagement and awareness, making it a cornerstone of our project management approach in cultural and environmental integration.

– 2022